Proven Ways To Make Your Face Look Great In Jacksonville

How to Get A Blemish-Free Skin

The skin’s function is to protect the body from external aggressions, maintain its form and establish sensory relations with the environment. Good hygiene and hydration are the primary care that helps to keep a beautiful, healthy and protected skin against infections. Therefore, the consumption of water and a diet abundant in fruits and vegetables provide the vitamins that the skin needs for its adequate defense.

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Clean And Apply Facial Mask

Clean your face yourself before going to bed at night. When you buy makeup, choose those products on whose label or wrapper they are “non-comedogenic” or “non-acnegenic.” Pull the old makeup that smells or looks different than when you bought it.

Our skin regenerates and corrects the failures that appear while we sleep, so the night is the best part of the day to give a little help from us (and also the body in general). I recommend that my clients apply their favorite hydrating mask on their hydrating cream at night before going to bed. This method is also very interesting if you have to travel a lot, because during our movements the skin may end up dry and irritated.  Try, an avocado-based cream. So you only need a ripe avocado. Spread the dough gently and let it stand on the face for 5 to 10 minutes. To remove the mask, wipe the entire face with a small, moist, hot towel.


It may seem that making your skin tan conceals acne, but it is only temporary. Tanning can make acne worse, instead of improving it. The sun also causes skin lesions that, in the long run, favor the appearance of wrinkles and increase the risk of developing skin cancer.

Must have clean hair

Leave your hair clean and avoid getting in contact with your face so that the grease and dirt that it contains does not clog even more pores of the skin. If you have acne in another part of the body, avoid wearing tight clothes, which do not allow the skin to breathe and can cause irritation. Scarves, bandages, hair bands and hats also tend to accumulate grease and dirt.

Never touch your face with your hands

Yes, you read it right. As much as possible, never touch your face with your hands or resting it on objects that tend to accumulate dirt to the skin, such as the telephone receiver. By touching your face, you can disperse through it the bacteria that cause the pores to become inflamed and irritated.

Wash your face regularly

Clean your face twice a day with warm water and a mild soap made especially for people with acne. Massage softly your face making circular movements. 


Exfoliation is the primary key to open the door to the arrival of radiant skin. Here the best way to exfoliate naturally and at home: a tablespoon of unrefined coconut oil and, if possible, organic, mixed with a spoonful of cane sugar coffee. Apply smoothly on the face and neck with circular movements of the hand and later clean and rinse with warm water. It is recommended that applying this natural exfoliation before getting in the shower and doing it once or twice times a week is good. You will end up with a skin similar to those that go through professional treatments. Aside from exfoliation, you can visit a laser hair removal to get more of an intensive check to your skin. Going to a male laser hair removal jacksonville is suggested if you need to eliminate unwanted hairs on your face after exfoliation. You can try hello smooth laser hair removal as it will make you more blemish-free.

Eat “superfoods.”

We are what we eat . If you want to preserve a radiant skin that attracts attention, the best way is to maintain a diet rich in antioxidants, as they contain anti-inflammatory elements and essential nutrients for the whole process. It is suggested that you buy local and regional products, organic foods and avoiding the consumption of sugar, which can lead to bodily responses in the form of inflammations.

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